We can help

  • Help you to identify and mitigate your employee business risks.
  • Ensure you are gettting unbiased and premium competitive costs – value for money.
  • Help you understand your roles, responsibilities and obligations.
  • Help you promote the value & engagement of employee benefits – ensuring you get the deserved credit and employee engagement, even if no one ever claims.
  • Maximise your time by assisting with claims and ongoing scheme administration.

Our experience, industry knowledge and contacts mean that we can provide independent, whole of market broking, advice and support in designing and implementing the right schemes for you, while keeping explanations as simple and jargon-free as possible.  

Our services include:

  • scheme design and implementation – identifying and agreeing your specific ‘Demands & Needs’.
  • market reviews and renewal negotiations – broking the best deals for you.
  • scheme/benefit audits – mitigating your risks and helping provide ongoing governance.
  • assisting with claims – helping to ensure the best outcomes for you, your business and your employees.
  • assisting with administration and compliance – minimising your time spent in these areas.
  • keeping you up to date with product developments, legislation changes and interesting new products and benefit innovations.

All of our costs and remuneration are transparent, there are no hidden fees and there are no behind the scenes agreements with insurers, influencing otherwise impartial suitability recommendations.