Private Medical Insurance (PMI) aims to cover the cost of treatment for ‘acute conditions’ in a private hospital setting. It is commonly used to avoid long NHS waiting lists and gain immediate access to diagnosis and treatment from specialists and medical professionals.

Many products in the market are modular to allow clients to tailor the policy to suit their demands and needs, including options to cover the whole workforce or defined key categories of employees.

Although the staff themselves benefit from prompt access to treatment, the business also benefits from reduced employee absence.

*Depending on the size of a scheme, each employee is subject to a simple underwriting process to determine if pre-existing conditions are excluded.

Benefits for Your Business:

  • Provides a valuable employee benefit package
  • Improves staff productivity, motivation and morale
  • Helps to recruit, retain and reward your staff
  • Helps as part of pay negotiations
  • May help employees with stress related problems
  • Can support your duty of care obligations

Cover for Individuals

Whether you are a group leaver or looking to implement an individual private medical insurance plan we will be able to assist you.

If you are a consumer and have an existing policy in place, we recommend that you review your benefits and consider market options at least once every 3 years to be sure the policy continues to meet your demands & needs and remain competitive for the level of cover required. To appoint us as your broker to your current policy please get in touch to discuss further.