Implementing a cash plan is an excellent way to offer a basic level of ‘everyday healthcare’ benefits to the workforce such as routine dental or optical treatment, physiotherapy, health and wellbeing platforms and much more.

Entry level cash plans are low cost and well received by employees who appreciate the financial reimbursements. Employees also have the opportunity to increase their levels via payroll deduction or personal direct debit with some providers.

Some Commonly covered treatments are

  • Dentist: Both check-ups and dental treatments.
  • Optical: Sight tests and prescription glasses or contact lenses.
  • Physiotherapy: Sometimes coupled with osteopathy, sometimes separate.
  • Maternity payments: Cash, paid when a child is born.
  • Complementary health: Osteopathy, chiropractic’s, homeopathy and acupuncture by a registered practitioner.
  • Hospital inpatient: A cash allowance paid for each night spent in hospital.
  • Special consultation: Repayment of fees paid towards a consultant physician or surgeon.
  • Health screening: Schemes will pay for an annual health screening.